Do you still buy music magazines?

The latest print figures are in, and they’re not pretty. New Musical Express is down to less than 15,000 copies sold a week, with Q Magazine seeing a 21.8% year on year decline, and now averages 46,096 copies per issue. Kerrang! and Mojo have also seen their print sales decline.

NME’s publishers point out that its content is read by many more than read the magazine in its print heyday, pointing to an 85% increase in its mobile traffic year-on-year.

Are you one of the dwindling band who still reads music magazines? If not, what made you give up? Or perhaps you’re part of the growing demographic who have always got their music news, interviews and features online via blogs, websites, and social media.


  1. The death of the original, interesting and inspiring music magazine can surely be linked to the death of original, interesting and inspiring music itself?

    The cover of 'Q' in the accompanying photo above sums it up for me: a detailed, in-depth interview with fucking Dido. Why the hell would anyone give a shit about Dido?

    When artists begin to have something to say once again, or begin to produce material worth listening to, then perhaps it'll be worth reading what journalists have something to say about those people. As opposed to simply detailing what Justin Bieber's favourite colour M&M's are, for example.

    If this doesn't happen, music will continue on its current trend of becoming 100% disposable shit you can listen to then flush!

  2. To be perfectly honest, I've accepted that music's kinda passing me by these days, and I'll probably never even listen to a quarter of my LP collection again. It's been about four years since I bought a music mag; it was probably Mojo or the Word (R.I.P.). I get info from mainstream newspapers or the radio, passively. I really don't seek it out anymore, the way I used to. I gave all my old copies of Q and Select to Oxfam a few years back.

    I kinda feel like I'm betraying my ardently music-loving fifteen year old self, but I just can't be bothered anymore. And that makes me feel sad and relieved in roughly equal measure.

    music is just so lame these days, I like playing guitar, but I honestly don't listen to music much, it does indeed seem to be heading in the direction of becoming totally disposable.

  3. Today's music is utter shit. There's NO guitar heroes, there's no exciting music in ANY of the main-stream and I only have so much time to be able to search out indie artists. I honestly doubt we'll ever have another Eddie Van Halen, certainly never another Hendrix. The corporations are pumping out pure garbage, and then when it all goes to shit at the end of their year /quarter, they actually borrow money to pay their CEO's fucking bonuses. It's all a fucking massive joke.

    I enjoy Andrew's songs each week in front of his video lessons and there's some other people pumping new stuff out each week, but as for actually getting any music from any source like iTunes or whatever... Fuck it. I have zero interest! All of the mainstream stuff is total shit.

  4. I don't follow anything in respect to 90% of the music out there, because its all complete fucking garbage. The biggest problem is its all perfected and digitized. Perfect drum loops, perfect pitch & rhythm corrected Bass & Guitar. Pitch corrected vocals... etc. The musicians today cannot perform worth a damn and the albums sound like they were made in a laboratory. So, I seriously could give a shit about any of it. I like learning things on guitar, so I follow Andrew. But, as far as music... I don't even play any in my car nowadays. I've just lost interest in music for some reason. Too much of it is horrible I am having less and less interest.

  5. Music today is all so fucking awful, why would I care about music magazines of all things yet. I could get any info. I need online anyhow. But, mostly I could care less, the music industry is just a pile of smelly shit these days. I cancelled my subscription to Rolling Stone around 6 years ago because all it was doing is talking about rappers and hip-hop morons. That stuff is such dung. I mean like, "JayZ," and all that... why????