THE END OF POP MUSIC? Miley Cyrus blasted over idiodic new video!

What on Earth is happening to Pop-Music? It continues to get more and more idiotic, and less & less about actual music... 

Case in point, Miley Cyrus just released a new video which; (a). lacks any discernible music whatsoever, (b). has no connection to anything sensible at all, (what the heck is it about?). It is pure idiocy, but passed off none other than, "Music Video." Is this really the future of pop-music videos? Is this the future of pop-music? Nonsense, vomit, and stupidity...

In the video, Cyrus is lying on a bed, foaming at the mouth, vomiting 'something' and surrounded by pills. The video has NO actual song and is supposed to be re-enacting a drug over-dose. It makes zero sense... But, the lingering question still remains - WHY did they release this? as well as... "ummmm, What the heck were they thinking?"

The video has infuriated anti-drug campaigners, who have slammed the young pop star for her involvement.

Marolin Watson from Hope U.K., an organisation which provides drug and alcohol education to youngsters, tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "She took pains to deny that her recent spell in hospital was the result of a drug overdose. It is hard to understand why drug-taking should feature so prominently in her latest video."

"It has been said again and again, but celebrities really need to consider the impact their behaviour, whether real or as part of a performance, has on their young fans."

Drug and "pop-star" responsibility aside, Miley is literally contributing nothing to the landscape of music. If this is the future of Pop-Music, it is truly marking the literal "End of Pop-Music" as we know. it. What a pathetic future ahead if this does indeed continue.

The Music Video:


  1. This is shit
    This video is shit
    This is not music
    This is not art
    This is not smart
    This is fucked up

  2. Anyone that likes Miley seriously has one too many screws lose in their head or is just completely brain dead. I'm not sure which one.

    Stop making stupid people famous. or at least stop supporting them after they turn completely beyond fucked-up!

    My gosh, Mozart must be turning in his grave.

  3. I'm sure the reaction was the same for The Magical Mystery Tour. I don't find it that offensive, I don't think many people will pay attention to it, and 99% of people that do click on it will click away after 30 seconds. To me, it's just experimentation, nothing wrong with that. Just relax...

    1. Problem is, Magical Mystery Tour had awesome music by talented musicians. This is Miley Cyrus, with no redeeming artistic talent. She needs to sell music, so she reverts to grabbing her crotch, and sticking out that gross tongue -- something aging female artists turn to. She's young and doing it already. But, your point is taken. Everyone here has watched at least part of it. For publicity, it did its job.

  4. This is more the result of Wayne Coyne being bat-shit insane from too much acid than it is Miley Cyrus bringing about the end of Pop music. If you're familiar with his more recent antics, it's actually less surprising.

  5. The video is not that bad actually, nor does it seem to be pushing to take drugs, rather, it looks like trying to convey the freaky destructive experience of taking some strong stuff, to me. That said, I agree with you on all those modern pop singers, more concerned about releasing their last litigious sex tape or last amateur clip video of provocative scenarios on stage, having very little to do with musicality...

  6. Miley says it herselfe -- most eloquently -- twice in this film: "Where's my fucking brain!?". Right on, Miley. Right on.