10 rock 'n' roll brainiacs...

Admittedly, drinking so much your pancreas pops hardly smacks of genius. But in the post-millennium, the GN’R man studied business and economics at Seattle University, and proved so capable he was able to start his own wealth management firm and write a regular 'Duffonomics' column in Playboy. 

As an undergraduate at London’s University College, Martin wasn’t big on sex and drugs (he clung to his virginity until the age of 22). Instead, Mr Coldplay got his head down, emerging with an impressive First in Greek and Latin.

Don’t be fooled by the skate-punk cretin act. The Offspring’s frontman scored a degree in molecular biology before the band took off, is currently a doctoral student at the Laboratory of Viral Oncology and Proteomics Research, and has recently published a paper on microRNA in HIV genomes. We’re so thick, we admit that we don’t even know what that means.

Weirdly, Weezer were already one hit album out of the blocks when the singer decided he fancied an elite Ivy League education. “I applied to Harvard a few months after our first record came out,” Cuomo told Spin. “I already realised I was going to get really bored and depressed on the road.”

The tack-sharp innovator created the basis for Gibson’s first solidbody electric, pioneered multitracking and designed the echo chambers at LA’s Capitol Studios. That’s compared to you, who can’t even wire the plug on the toaster.

Smarter than a brain pie, Scholz aced high school and scored Bachelor Of Science and Master’s Degrees in mechanical engineering at the MIT before building the studio on which Boston recorded their squillion-selling debut. Spod.

He majored in English at Columbia University, and you can kinda tell, with Vampire Weekend’s lyric sheets hinging on smart-arsed literary references and words we have to look up in the dictionary. Koenig even wrote a song about a punctuation mark, for God’s sake (Oxford Comma).

When the wheels fell off The Velvet Underground in 1971, the guitarist went back to college, earning a doctorate in Medieval Studies from the University of Texas. His dissertation was on the work of Anglo-Saxon poet, Cynewulf.

Morello graduated from Harvard with a BA in Social Studies and briefly looked set for a go-getting political career as the scheduling secretary of senator Alan Cranston. “Most of that time was spent on the phone asking rich people for money,” the RATM man later grumbled. “I think rock ’n’ roll is a better job.”

“I was a bit of a swot,” admitted the Queen man on Desert Island Discs. Big understatement: May took a BSc in maths and physics at Imperial College and was chewing over a job offer from Jodrell Bank Observatory when the lure of fat- bottomed girls proved too strong for him. “The crunch came,” he recalls, “and I had to decide between astronomy and music...”


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