VIDEO: History of Louis Boutique Amplifiers...

Check out a new video about the history of Louis Electric Amplifiers, a respected New Jersey-based boutique maker of hand-wired guitar amps.

Louis Electric has been building tube amplifiers since 1992.

Since the very beginning, Louis Rosano has been building signature sounds for musicians of all genres, including Keith Richards, Duke Robillard, Ronnie Wood, Hubert Sumlin, Warren Haynes, Jackson Browne, Danny Gatton, Robben Ford, James Burton and a whole lot more.

The company recently launched a new website, which features 13 amps from Rosano’s portfolio over the years, including standard and brand-new models.

For more information about the company, check out the video below and visit the official website and YouTube channel.


  1. Fuck man, seriously.... if you're building amps for Keith Richards you're the fucking real dope man. Holy Crap.

  2. That is a total dream job, (but you'd soooooo need to know what the hell you're doing to make any real cash because there's a ton of shitty "Boutique Amps" out there these days [& Pedals too - key word shitty]).