Metallica Plays Glasto: Makes Fox-Hunting Jab Video

Following probably the biggest controversy regarding any music festival headlining act we've see in a while, Metallica has finally played Glastonbury...

But it wasn't just any set, as the band made sure to spice up the whole thing with a healthy dose of humor.

Fox on the Run
Right before kicking off the 14-song set, the band presented an exclusive video, interrupting the regular "Ecstasy of Gold" intro with a short fox hunting movie.

A clever jab at all the protestors, "What Does the Fox Say?" "Fox on the Run," masked bears killing everyone, and then the grand finale...

Anyhow, check out the short-film below.

The Show!
The most important part, or at least the part that should be the critical one. The guys still have it, and they've proven it with a 90-minute set. As always, the crowd comments have varied, going from praising "Looks like Metallica had a great time as did the crowd - f--k the Glastonbury snobbery!" to complaining "Why did they only play 14 songs?" or more creative ones like "Jesus christ, Lars even f--ks up 'The Unforgiven.'"

Right before kicking off "Sad But True," frontman James Hetfield dedicated the tune to all the metal bands from the UK that dream of headlining Glasto, but never got the chance. The video of the full show is available online, check it out below.


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