Martin Andres Lesson – L.H Stretch & R.H Speed Coordination

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Here's a tough couple of exercises from Martin Andres (of Pomegranate Tiger). 

If you are not aware of his music it is pretty challenging progressive metal which relies on excellent technique to be able to play the various riffs and solos.

The first exercise alone might just make you wince just watching it, (I’m definitely suggesting to give these a go).



  1. These exercises are ok, but I fucking HATE this style of "Non-Sense" prog-metal guitar. There's no fucking melody or anything, just... blupp, diddly, blupp, didly, didley, widley, blupp, blupp, blupp... Played at 210 b.p.m. Just complete utter crap. Fucking hate it all.

    1. 100% AGREE. Couldn't have said it any better.