Beastie Boys Awarded $1.7 Million...

The lawsuit filed by the Beastie Boys against the Monster Energy Drink company (for copyright infringement for the use of some of their songs in an advertisement) has now been settled. The verdict is in and the Beasties were awarded a lofty $1.7 Million....

There was initially some back and forth between the Beastie Boys and Monster regarding the amount of damages being requested. The B-boys filed suit for $2.5 million while Monster countered saying that they were only owed $125,000. Monster admitted to infringing on the group’s copyrights, but countered that the case wasn’t logical and that it was an honest mistake made by a low level employee.

Monster released the following statement regarding the suit.

- We will make an application to the Court to set aside the verdict and we intend to file an appeal. From the inception, Monster Energy has been willing to resolve this matter in a fair and equitable manner and we will continue to make additional efforts to reach a just resolution of this dispute.

The Beastie Boys representatives did not release any statement after the trial, however the press did catch up with Ad Rock who kept his response brief. Ad Rock said:

- We’re happy. We just want to thank the jury.

What are you thoughts? Should the band be able to keep the full amount of the settlement, or do you think that a judge will give-in to Monster and reduce the final price tag that they owe.


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