Apple Pulls Plug on Music Download Apps...

APPLE REPORTEDLY is removing apps that allow users to download music from third-party websites, following yesterday's revelation that the firm will ban apps that encourage excessive social sharing and video views in an attempt to further promote its, "iTunes Radio."

This latest revelation comes via Macrumours, which has noticed that several popular music download apps have disappeared from Apple's iTunes store.

Apple would not comment, but the report noted that while apps such as Spotify are still showing in the App Store, those that allowed music downloads from third-party websites - such as Soundcloud and Youtube - have vanished.

Macrumours has heard from iOS developers that Apple has asked them to remove audio downloading functions from all of their iOS apps.

What's more, the move seems to be centered upon how Apple wants to promote its own music services, since if you do a search for "music download" in the App Store in the US, it now displays a message inviting users to try out iTunes Radio.

This also suggests that Apple is looking to expand the availability of its streaming service, but then again, iTunes Radio was tipped to launch in the UK early this year, and Apple has yet to make an announcement.

As noted by Macrumours, the move could signal Apple looking to tidy up its App Store too, before it launches a revamped version with iOS 8 later this year.

That's not all Apple is doing to clean up its App Store... Yesterday it was reported that the firm will also ban apps that encourage users to share anything on social media websites. It will also ban apps that encourage video views to win any on-line game rewards such as; in-game currency credits and /or extra lives.


  1. I fucking HATE Apple. Over-priced and controlling fuckers. Screw them, I've switched to a Samsung and Android and I couldn't be more happy. they can keep their iPhone and iPad spyware bloated crap, and shove it you know where.

    1. I'm with you. Apple is stupidly expensive compared to Android and Google systems are running 100x smoother as well. Plus, my main apps like YouTube and Google maps (which I use every day) will never be screwed with since they are part of the Android /Google home of products. I'd NEVER go back to Apple.