Can a Guitar Playing Pig Inspire Us???

First, there was BaneCat and his absurd costume and videos, and now there’s Thimble, the teacup pig with her 'so-called' musical skills. 

Yes, you heard that right — there is a musically inclined tea-cup pig being dressed-up by its owner, and filmed for YouTube playing (more like stomping on) a guitar while wearing ridiculous little outfits. The question is... WHY?

Thimble the Guitar Playing Pig is being hailed in the media as a rock star. She's being advertised as; "the pig with the uncanny ability to play the guitar." She obviously does not play the guitar [at all], but since we're living in a world where success now seems to boil-down to how many thousands and thousands of views your YouTube videos are getting - who cares? 

With more practice, she’ll undoubtedly be able to achieve her dream, which is “to be in a band with Dave Hause,” according to her Facebook page. (???).

With an overwhelming amount of this kind of stuff being posted on social media, I suppose we're supposed to applaud this little pig for being brave enough to follow her dreams. According to the radio announcement I overheard this morning, "she’s teaching us all a lesson in commitment and perseverance for following our dreams." 

But, is this pig honestly teaching any of us anything whatsoever?  Are we really supposed to be inspired to go practice a real guitar now? 

Does any of this make sense to you? Leave your comments below...


  1. If its come down to us needing a "Guitar Playing Pig" to inspire us... We're DOOMED.

  2. This pig ain't doing nuthin' that a Mossberg shot-gun with an 18" barrel, loaded with a few rifled slugs couldn't fix. Fuckin' dirty filthy animals. All they're good for is fuckin' Bacon.

  3. This is totally the result of the dumbing-down of America. Now pigs are "cute" and can inspire us to follow our dreams. Holy crap. They've friggin live-stock and NOTHING more... Thanks to Obama and all of his moron supporters this country has fallen so low I don't think it will ever come back again. We truly are doomed.

  4. Anonymous, that goofy pig can inspire no one, except folk who want to think of goofy ways to get a 'viral video.'

    Danny . . . ummmm, bacon. goood, bacon. I love bacon.

    JakeH223 . . . You should have that mind checked, dude, idiocy like this doesn't have to affect you so deeply emotionally unless you let it. And what the hell does a goofy pig video posted by goofy pig-lover-video-posting people have to do with "Obama and all of his moron supporters"? Also, you should realize that you are writing in a world forum when you post here, instead of 'this country' you should write 'the USA' or something descriptive. I assume since you are whining about the president, you did mean the USA when you wrote 'this country'? Remember, this blog hails from Canada and the readers are from around the world. Try not to be so self-centered when you whine. Or not. After all, I'm nobody, just my humble opinion here.

    1. @markscarts, Well the "Guitar Playing Pig" hails from Pennsylvania. So, I think that's what JakeH223 was getting at. Americans in general are good people, but the American mass-media tends to place all of its focus upon pure idiocy. I think there's only a few companies that control all of the media, so I'd say that the news is pretty much the last place we ought to look for any real "News."

  5. Inspiring my ass xD let's make her bacon :D or some ribs! That will help us to keep going while practicing the guitar :D

  6. Andrew, my answer is NO, this makes - No Sense to Me. But, I did laugh my head off at the headline. The world has truly gone off the deep end with 'social media stoopid.'