VIDEO: Guitar Noize Demos the iPad StudioConnect

Posted by: Jon via "GuitarNoize

Ever wondered when seeing demos of Positive Grid JamUp Pro on YouTube how the guys are getting the audio from their iPad into their desktop computers in realtime?? As it turns out all you need is the Griffin StudioConnect for iPad. This clever little device not only acts as a stand for your iPad, but also has a mains connection so your battery doesn’t die during a recording or performance (it is also a charging dock) and it is a fully featured audio interface with multiple ins and outs.

The main input is obviously the instrument in so you can plug your guitar directly into that plus you have stereo outputs which you can run out to a powered speaker, power amp or a P.A. Also included are a headphone input (with a volume control on the front of the unit) and there are MIDI in and outputs, a 3.5 mm stereo input, plus a big Gain control dial on the front too.

In my case I plugged my Taylor SB2-S into the Griffin StudioConnect and then ran the outputs to the 2 inputs of my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 which is connected to my iMac via USB and then the recording was captured in Reaper.

I also recorded a bass track using JamUp Pro on my iPad and plugged in directly to the StudioConnect just the same as the guitar and got excellent results. I used Toontrack Superior Drummer on the final track to finish it off and as you can hear in my video the AD/DA converters in the StudioConnect are very good. In fact, there was no noise and no latency.

I will definitely be using this combination of StudioConnect/iPad for recording from now on rather than desktop modelling apps as it takes the load off the CPU and the result sounds so much better to me. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m also thinking it is probably possible to record the dry signal from within your iPad (via Garageband or similar) while recording so you can reamp at some point should you wish and then play it back from your iPad into your DAW.

The Griffin Technology StudioConnect is available direct from their website –


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