MUSIC THEORY: Common Minor Tonality Scales

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question...

Q: I have been studying Minor Scales lately, but I seem to keep coming across different Minor Scale types. It's getting a little overwhelming. Could you please consider doing a lesson that uses the most popular of Minor Scales, explains the unique notes of each one, and can you also demonstrate a melody using each scale type? Thank you!
Amanda -- Hellertown, PA, USA

A: Scales are of course extremely important to all musicians and when we shift our focus from the basic major scale, which has the one primary form, and we begin entering the many forms and modes of the world of Minor Scales, I can certainly understand why this topic will so often cause some confusion. Now, before we go off on all of the Minor Scale names & differences, it's really important to take a step back and realize that all scales - are simply a collection of notes that in the long run we absolutely must get programmed into our ears so that we can eventually control them in a useful and in a highly musical way. So, let's begin by running through a quick theory breakdown of what really makes up the colors of Minor Scales to begin with!

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