Fender Goes 3-D Guitar Printing with the New "Honeycomb" Tele...

3D Printing is everywhere at the moment and it has totally changed the way that companies can prototype products before moving to a final manufacturing process.

Fishman Audio are now using 3D printing for prototyping their on-board acoustic guitar pre-amps. Now, it's cool to see that Fender are actually printing entire guitar bodies such as the hollow-body Strat in the video above to the 3D Printing Test to see how it would potentially work.

The 3D material is constantly evolving as well, so there will no doubt be a point where a 3D printed guitars will be an option, rather than a wood guitar, but I don’t expect that to happen any time soon, (and knowing how us stuck-in-our-ways), I’m quite sure 3D Plastic Printed Guitars won’t ever be all that popular any time soon.

Having said that, if you want a guitar that has a crazy look, (such as the honeycomb Tele in the video above), it is a relatively cheap and quick way to produce this effect so it may become popular among musicians who want highly customized, "art," guitars.

What do you think? ...Would you ever consider a 3D printed guitar?


  1. I would definitely consider a hollow body, with a maple neck. If it sounds good, who really cares what it is made out of?

  2. You've gotta trust the science behind it. They aren't just picking the designs they pick for no reason. They're probably extensively tested and have really good sustain and such. That said, it still looks funky. I like the look of my Sunburst Strat better.