RIAA Demands File-Sharer turn Spokesperson to Clear Her Fine!

An Ojibwe woman from Minnisota (that works part-time for the Tribal Band office, has four kids and an out-of-work husband)  happens to owe the Recording Institute of America [RIAA] a whopping $222,000 for downloading a couple dozen songs back in 2007...

Jammie Thomas is a 36-year-old who shared just 24 songs on a now defunct peer-to-peer platform Kazaa, (these including a handful of tracks by Guns N' Roses, Linkin Park and Green Day), and her case first went to trial back in 2007.

Years later, at a cost of millions and millions of dollars of legal fees to the major labels, Thomas has been battling to reduce her fine, but even the Obama administration got involved to say, "any reduction would encourage other music pirates to continue."

Her only option to avoid paying the massive court charge is to either file for bankruptcy... Or, she can come on board as a 'spokesperson' and work with the RIAA to campaign against piracy! She has recently refused the offer to work for the RIAA to reduce her fine.

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