This Week's Lesson - GUITAR THEORY: Riff and Lick Overhaulin'

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question...

Q: For what seems like years now I've felt as though my guitar riffs and licks have been really monotonous. Everything I play is more or less rooted in the stuff I already know how to do. What would be your top 3 or 4 ways that can help players like me break away from this stagnant feeling?
Ted - Toronto, ON. CANADA

A: The stagnant feeling you're experiencing hits pretty much every guitar player after they've been at this instrument for a good amount of time. We all may start out somewhat differently, but in the grand scheme of things our learning curve almost always follows a pattern. This pattern usually involves; first understanding how to play the chords to a couple of songs, then perhaps we'll go and get hooked on a catchy riff or two, (which will usually help us out with our technique), and then there's always the area of getting involved with trying to play guitar solos. Now, all of this stuff is great... It (of course) helps us learn quite a lot to do with playing the guitar. However, after awhile we tend to become kind of bored with how we peak out in certain areas of our playing skills. In the video lesson I cover a series of ways that any guitarist can start using to give their Riffs & Licks an Overhaul. Be sure to download the handout for all of the TAB's.


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