Playing Open Strings for Speed

Q). I'm 53 and I only started playing guitar two years ago. Things are coming along with basic chording, but the thing I'm getting interested in now is playing lead. I have developed a couple of licks, but I cannot play them quickly. Is there a way to snap off to strings that are open to make it sound like I am playing faster? I'm sure I've heard this sort of thing, but I'd be very appreciative if you might be able to make a video lesson covering this.
Thank you. Lester - Edmonton, AB. CANADA

A). Using the open guitar strings as a way to enhance the whole speed thing, is a great flashy speed gaining method that can make runs appear to sound like they're moving far quicker. Guitar styles like; Blues, Country and Rock all use this technique, and this playing idea can be done all over the neck without being limited to open and it's neighboring positions on the guitar. Watch the video for several examples with on-screen TAB.

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