NEW: Ibanez Electric Guitar History Book

Available: June 25, 2013... Fans of the Ibanez line of guitars will be pleased to learn that the complete documented history for their favorite axe is on the way!

The book will lead readers systematically from the early years of Ibanez to the modern electric guitars that they offer. Part of the story shows how Ibanez, like many fledgling guitar manufacturers, started out by produced cheap and basic knock-off guitars based on popular designs by Gibson and Fender. It then shows how Ibanez moved up the ladder, and how their original designs became a hit, thanks to their great eye for signing up amazing guitarists like Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.

One of the main stories of the book is how the development of Vai's Jem guitars helped propel the Ibanez electric guitar brand to its current status. It also highlighted the story of the RG series and how it went on to be one of their most popular instruments. The book also mentions how Ibanez was able to branch out into various styles that cover jazz, pop, metal and rock. It shares all the interesting bits that the Japanese manufacturer went through to get to where it is now. Pre-orders are being done through


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