MUSIC THEORY: The Circle of Fifths

Q: A concept I keep hearing mentioned is, "The Circle of 5th's." Could you run through this music theory idea, and explain both; what it is exactly, and what it could be used for? I know pretty much nothing to do with this topic, so any kind of information would be highly appreciated. Thank you for all of the Guitar lessons, your website & your GuitarBlog.
 Alex - Windermere, FL. USA

A: This is a very important concept. It's also one that can have many great practice spin-offs. We can use the circle of fifths for learning better technique with chords, guitar licks, even for knowledge of the neck. Not to mention for understanding the keys and key signature movements for all of the sharps and flats as they appear in the key signatures. In the video I will begin with a run down of the music theory as it's associated to the Circle of 5ths. Then, we'll head over to the guitar neck and have a go at how this circle of 5ths idea can be used to practice; technique, chord knowledge and even scales & arpeggios!


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