Guitar Technique: String Skipping

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question...

From Mark: YouTuber; soblindwhobuddy

Q: "Would you be able to do a video on string skipping like the sweep picking video, (which I found incredibly helpful). I know there are other people with string skipping videos on you tube but the way you do your lessons, they always come across really well."

Kind regards,
Mark U.K.

A:  When it comes to this technique I actually think of it in two different ways...

I think of, "String Crossing Technique," as going between two different strings, while performing non-repetitive melodic lines.

I think of, "String Skipping Technique," as performing a repetitive pattern of notes for a riff in a song's section, (intro., verse or chorus melody. i.e., "Sweet Child of Mine").

The video lesson contains detailed information along with close-up views to help students better understand this information.

- Andrew Wasson


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