4 Guitar Drills You Should Do Each Day

How do you begin your "Guitar Playing Day?" For most guitar players it begins without thinking too much about their technique and flow of their accuracy. Sadly, most players will just grab the 'ol axe and churn out a few Blues licks, or maybe just jam-out on that old classic rock riff (you've played for years). And, while that's "OK" there is a much better way to start your day on the guitar... 

This lesson breaks down four simple ideas that you can do in as little as 5 min. prior to digging into anything else on guitar...

Integrate and Coordinate:
Learn how to integrate a small group of simple guitar technique drills in as little as five minutes. These drills work great for being able to balance left and right hand coordination. Plus, they’re also nice for relaxing your hand, wrist and arm muscles, (to avoid injury).

These drills are also very good for helping you when it comes to improving your picking skills so that all of your guitar playing technique (during the rest of your day), goes better for you in the long haul.


DRILL #1).
Our first drill, is just going to be a, “Finger Isolation Exercise.” Isolation exercises are a really nice way to start your day, because this exercise works well for relaxing the hand and for getting each individual finger moving both on their own and also together as a group.

Start by relaxing your fret-hand, (keep in mind that you can do this study with both hands), on a flat surface such as a desk, or the back of your guitar's sound-board. Be sure to level your wrist on the flat surface.

Then, isolate finger movements creating a cycle of finger moves that will work individual fingers, as well as, groups of fingers.

Watch the video lesson for a full explanation and demonstration.

DRILL #2).
Our second drill is going to be the, “5th to 2nd string - Fixed Finger Exercise”… This drill works extremely well at isolating our individual fingers of the fret-hand for better accuracy throughout our playing day.

The drill begins by focusing on the 3rd guitar string where we begin by establishing our primary playing position with every finger established in a position on the guitar string.

 After establishing the principle position upon the 3rd guitar string, the next step will be shifting paired fingers between the 5th to the 2nd strings.

Watch the video lesson for a full explanation and detailed demonstration.

DRILL #3).
The third drill acts as a picking and fingering "reach and pick" accuracy drill for improving the fretting-hand skill as well as, the tracking ability of the picking-hand.

The pattern of notes forms the layout of tones found in the "Whole-Tone" scale. Try playing the study as it is shown in the TAB below. Then practice it off of other fret-board positions on each new practice day.

Watch the video lesson for a full explanation and detailed demonstration of the "reach and pick" accuracy drill. The drill is in 12/8 time, so make sure that you count the pace accordingly when you practice the drill on guitar.

DRILL #4).
The fourth drill is going to be the “Chromatic String Cross-over." This exercise is a really nice one for building more coordination between the pick-hand and the fret-hand.

This drill also acts as an especially helpful exercise for getting better at the picking we do between the guitar strings. “Crossing Over,” string groups is something that is important to get very good at, since it’s common when it comes to playing melodies.

Watch the video lesson for a full explanation and detailed demonstration of the "chromatic string cross-over" drill. 

Well, there you have it, four exercises that you can do in less than 5 min. when you’re starting your day to help you maintain better more accurate and more relaxed “left and right hand” ability and to improve coordination.

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