QwikRiffs #006 - Pedal Point Scale Riffs in "C Minor"

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QwikRiffs are available to members at Creative Guitar Studio.com. Lessons in the QwikRiffs Series run through collections of rhythm guitar riffs covering all types of playing styles. I cover different 'famous artist' playing approaches and I will demonstrate ideas based on rhythm guitar techniques...

Episode #006 covers three "C Minor" Riffs.

Riff one covers a steady 8th-note pedal point example that operates off of the 5th string "C" tonic at the third fret. A sequence pushes this riff along creating a very driving fluid effect.

Riff two uses a slightly syncopated 16th-note idea in the example. The pedal point pushes along the melody and emphasizes the 8th fret of the sixth string "C." The part produces a very punchy statement that highlights a unique broken feel.

Riff three introduces a Phrygian Mode sound from "C Minor Phrygian" scale. The unique lowered 2nd degree engages the listener with the dark and moody effect of Phrygian minor. The steady push of 16th-notes adds to the driving groove of the part.

The examples are performed with a clean channel sound (during the explanations), as well as, an over-driven distorted sound given at the end of the lesson plan.

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