Guitar Fretboard Game

The guitar fingerboard can be a little confusing at first, so one of the ways that a guitar player can get better acquainted with the notes on the neck is through a fun game that focuses on scale phrases, rhythm as well as Ear Training... So, stay with me because this video is going to run through a fun to play, "Guitar Fretboard Game."

Watch the Video:

We're going to get started by perceiving the neck in three (5-fret regions). They'll be; "Open to 5th Fret," The, "5th Fret to 10th," and the "10th Fret to 15th."

We'll take a selection of 3 notes (in one of these regions) and play a short - rhythmic phrase.

Game (1) - Starting Phrase: (mid-region)

Now, take 30 sec. to find the next two (exact) copies of this phrase in the other two fret-board regions... (low and high)...

Now, let's play the game again, but we'll change two things. One thing is we'll increase the amount of 'notes in use' to having a phrase that uses 4 notes. The other thing, is we're going to invent a new rhythm for our second game.

This time we'll start in the low neck region using some open strings for our Starting phrase...
Game (2) - Starting Phrase: (low-region)

Now, take 30 sec. to figure out the next two (exact) copies of the phrase in the other two fret-board regions (mid and high)...

You can keep going, adding more notes and using different rhythms. The game works to help enhance a lot of areas including; notes on the neck, pitch location, ear training, rhythmic feel and fretting range!

I hope you had fun messing around with this "Guitar Fretboard Game." After awhile, your knowledge of notes and how they operate across the three regions of the neck will get really good.

And, be sure to play this game with others. When you do that, turn your back to the other players and have them learn the phrases by ear to add another whole "ear training dimension" to the game.

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Game One Answer Key:

Game Two Answer Key:



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