Don't Overthink Music

Musicians can be terrible when it comes to over-thinking their music and their creativity. I've seen way too many musicians who will compose a great song, rehearse it, start recording it, and then give up a few days into everything because the song doesn't feel right... 

And, it doesn't stop at songs, it can happen to many different kinds of creative projects.

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In this video, I'm going to discuss my thoughts on why I work very hard to not over-think things when it comes to my own creativity. My music, the lessons that I create, my YouTube videos, and my other music related projects need to flow along. There's no room to start second-guessing anything. And, most importantly, there's no time for it.

Musicians need to keep growing, to continue learning, to expand knowledge through study and to always, always, ALWAYS create. 

As artists, we need to realize that a lot of what we will create may not be perfect. We'll come up with concepts for songs, for teaching, for live performances - things that sometimes won't connect well. But, that's okay, because in doing the project, we either learn what to do, or what not to do, and then we can move on. That's growth.

This reflection upon results allows us to move forward to be able to create something better and better all the time. The whole process allows us to be able to create projects that will work for us at a higher levels. And, the successes as well as, the failures help us improve ourselves. This benefits us, our students and our audience.

Nobody knows what will happen long term with any project. But, even if we are unsure, we still have to try. Over time all of those attempts combine (they compound together) and they can end up forming something that's really cool. Something that a ton of people are eventually going to think is absolutely fantastic.

One of the areas that scares a lot of young musicians is the unknown. I'm mainly talking about the musicians who are just starting to get really serious about their career. These are the musicians who may have just quit their day jobs, or who borrowed a lot of money to get their album recorded, or who are going into debt to start a tour. Or, it could be musicians who are fresh out of music college. Fear of the unknown is nasty, and must be controlled.

One of the things that really bothers the artist to no end is the unknown. But, as a creative person, you've got to realize that you can't control the unknown. All you can do is be confident in your abilities to figure out the future challenges. Those are the challenges that you'll have to experience along the way.

I'm not talking about confidence in your music skills, (you better have already worked on those skills and you better already be confident there). No, I'm talking about confidence in being a truly creative person. Someone who is so creative that they can invent what they need to do - in order to become a success in the areas that they are working in.

Quit being scared, quit over-thinking every creative situation and get to work on yourself so that you know you can handle anything that comes your way. Be an optimist, learn to be grateful for what you've got. Your skills and your creativity. You need to realize what's practical and what's not.

Creativity is an insular game, and every time you let somebody's voice get into your head, (either what it is they are doing, or especially their opinion), you'll become insecure. When it is just about you, and all of your focus is on yourself, that's when you'll win. That's when creativity, and music, and art - all help you to WIN.

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