Developing Rock Solid Musical Conviction

I'm sure that you've had times in where musical phrases you played came across with incredible confidence. So, what's up with that?

I remember when that first happened to me. I was a teenager, playing on stage and I was playing a solo in the key of "G Minor," and things were just perfect. Every note, every idea I heard in my mind came out absolutely perfect. It felt amazing and it was a taste of what I could connect to in a natural way musically. So, this week we're going to discuss, "Developing Rock Solid Musical Conviction." on the Guitar Blog Insider...

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The super dedicated crowd of guitar players, are not just musicians they strive to make everything they do art. They're artists. They have very serious ideas for their music, very committed ideas for their careers and they plan out ways for how they are going to get everything they do out to the public. They know that if they can get their music projects out to enough people, and if they can prove to everyone who comes in contact with their work. If they can prove that they're serious and that they have conviction, they'll be able to gain fans. And, in this era of YouTube, Instagram, Snap-Chat and FaceBook, if you have a loyal fan-base of just 25 - 30,000 people. You'll do very well. It doesn't take a lot.

One of the main principles of a strong conviction to something is developing a commitment to your project. And, this is an area that far too many musicians fail in. What I mean here is that lets say that you've got a music project and some of the people involved (haven't said anything), but they personally think that the project is crap. Maybe they're working in it because it pays them some money, but overall, they think the songs and the gigs and the whole thing is - well for lack of a better word, they think it's all shit. Now, if you've been around the block a few times, you already know that this isn't rare, it's almost a fairly normal thing with a lot of music projects. Someone in the project isn't into it. And, unfortunately a lot of money is wasted because of a lack of conviction from members of a project.

So, as a musician with a dedicated project, (whatever that project is), you need to always ask yourself a very important question. "Do you believe in what you're doing?" This has to do with the bands you're in, the music you're playing, the music you're writing, the music companies you're building, do you completely believe in what you're doing?

Because the level that you do, the level of your conviction to every project will translate over to how you impact people. No conviction, translates to poor impact. Poor impact means weak fan-base and weak results. And, this is true with everything. With bands, with gigs, with your social media, with your students, what you make for selling, everything. If you don't have conviction for it, if instead you think it's crap, you won't sell that idea to an audience.

Keep in mind something I said earlier... in this era of YouTube, Instagram, Snap-Chat and FaceBook, if you have a loyal fan-base of just 25 - 30,000 people. You'll do very well. Because if you can convert a majority of those fans to pulling in just 50 cents a person a day, that's around $12 - 15,000 a month. If you get 50,000 fans that's going to be around $25,000 a month. But, you can't do that without a fantastic product and you can't create an amazing product without conviction to what you're doing.

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