Chord Soloing Fix - Guitarists Baffled

Over all of my years teaching one of the things that always seems to baffle students is being able to play some lead guitar with simple chords that only use a couple of notes... In this video, I'm going to show you just how easy it is to play all across the neck using simple harmonized 3rd's patterns...

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The first thing I want to introduce, will be the root position shape, to keep things simple, I'll be locking this shape down into the key of "G Major." Here's how this starting shape looks on the neck...

G (major 3rd)

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Now, starting from this shape, we'll build the rest of the related small 2-note chords found in "G major"

Series of 2-note chords in G major (harmonized in 3rd's)...

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Alright, now that you've learned how these shapes operate as a harmony in the key of "G Major" I'm going to set-up a straight forward key of "G major" jam and suggest that you apply them. That way, you'll also get the chance to hear how cool this sounds and at the same time, realize just how easy this is to do.

G Major jam:

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