Natural Minor Rock Licks in "E Minor"

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Episode #030 covers three "E" Minor licks.

Lick one runs through a line you'd likely hear from Iron Maiden or Judas Priest. It applies several scale patterns that move from the 12th position (2nd string), to 5th position and target the tonic of "E."

Lick two targets the keys minor third (G), rock players like Kirk Hammet and Jimmy page will use phrases like this one to progress down the neck and cover many fret positions.

Lick three is the style of phrase that you might find typical of a lick played by Dave Mustaine or Michael Schenker. The idea not only applies the "E" Natural Minor, but also uses a phrase taken from the "E" Minor 7 arpeggio.

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NOTE: The "QwikLicks" series will end on May 17th.
On May 31 it will be replaced by "QwikRiffs."



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  1. Right on, not only a great essential video, but Drew also is rocking equipment and t shirt ✌