Blues Scale for Lead Guitar...

Blues Scale for Lead Guitar...

The Blues Scale can be used in several different styles of music with broad application across the fingerboard. If you've never studied how to use the Blues Scale and how it can be applied across the entire neck in the styles of; Classic Rock, Jazz, Funk, Swing and traditional Blues, then this lesson will offer you a tremendous amount of helpful examples...

Part One and Two of this lesson plan explore the use of Blues Scale in several styles across the entire span of the fingerboard. Special focus is given to how the Blues Scale can be performed in a more "along the neck" fashion. Smooth connections are demonstrated for the performance of this scale in multiple fingerboard locations.

PART ONE: In the first example, a Jazz /Funk feel from off of a "D9" chord provides the back-drop for a phrase in "D Blues" that covers several fingerboard positions. The phrase in the example transitions across the neck using Blues scale patterns from the 10th position to the 3rd moving by way position jumps along with a finger slide.

In example two an, "E7(#9)" chord joins together Blues scale patterns from the lower register of the neck. The phrase in example two is reminiscent of licks used by Hendrix or Jimi Page. Wider intervals are applied to cover the span of the neck creating greater distance across the sound of this musical line.

PART TWO: Example three takes a Jazzy /Swing feel and combines the swing /shuffle rhythm with a more straight forward eighth-note triplet part to create a strong framework for the Blues scale. This example highlights the popular application of how the Blues scale can operate over this triple-meter feel.

In example four, the Dominant 7th chord takes center stage with a "chord and scale" phrasing idea that uses a "licks around chords" approach for playing lines associated to a chord. 

The chord of "Eb7" (based off of the 5th string), is the core harmony where the use of "Eb Blues Scale" is applied to follow each chord voicing with a melodic statement. The notes of the corresponding Blues scale tap into the chord and help to connect the chord with a strongly associated melodic phrase.

Blues Scale for Lead Guitar

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Blues Scale for Lead Guitar... 

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