Acoustic Guitar Country Licks in "A Major"

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Episode #029 covers three "A" Major licks.

In lick one an open "A" string is used to begin a scale phrase that travels up the neck into the 5th position applying the Pattern #2, #3 and #4 scale shapes.

Lick two tears into a double-stop bend at the start of this rapid 16th-note run of tones that reaches into a 6th interval double stop idea at 7th and 9th frets.

Lick three uses two examples of essentially the same lick to apply the important country sound of the "b3" tone. In lick 3a, the phrase applies intervals of the major 2nd and the minor 3rd. In lick 3b, the intervals switch to focusing on the minor 3rd and major 3rd.

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NOTE: The "QwikLicks" series will end on May 17th.
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