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Spanish guitar is a big part of Western Movies. You'll hear those, "Spanish Nylon Acoustic," lines played in the background of scenes of many Westerns to fill up the overall impression of each of those movie settings set in the old southwest. 

The Spanish sound is generally quite simple and tends to employ the classical (nylon string) guitar. These musical pieces will follow a fairly common group of harmonic movements. This will primarily include the tonality of Minor key sounds, (with a focus upon Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor and the Phrygian Mode). 

These Spanish flavored pieces will have chord progressions with mixed major and minor triad use. These triad chord sounds tend to get combined against both Dominant 7th and Diminished, (both diminished triad and diminished 7th), chords. It is obviously a very popular harmony and through making a study of this style we will discover that by following these harmonies, we can quickly achieve that unique, "Spanish Guitar Sound." Enjoy!

Simple Spanish Guitar

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