Simple Song Structure Formula

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This week's GuitarBlog covers an exercise that involves working through simple song structure formulas, (focusing upon the ABAB section format). 

The techniques required for composing songs are gleaned from many years of: study, transcribing, and "a lot of time spent" testing out your own personal songwriting direction. 

The ideas that are broken down in this video are helpful for developing an initial understanding of simple songwriting formulas. Especially, if your writing direction is of the style of, Folk or Country music. 

Spend time working on the example ideas presented in this video. Begin by writing a basic verse and chorus melody. Then, organize the appropriate chords that can be performed in behind it. Jam the chords with your friends and be sure to record your ideas. Over time, your songwriting skills will only continue to get better and better. Enjoy!

Simple Song Structure Formula

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