Play a Guitar Solo in 3 Easy Steps

GuitarBlog: Play a Guitar Solo in 3 Easy Steps...

This week on the GuitarBlog we cover how playing a guitar solo can essentially be broken down into a system that works around three main areas of study. 

In order to play a lead, (within a piece of music), the guitarist needs to first  have a good basic awareness of the Guitar Neck. This includes having both an understanding for where notes are located and how movable chords work. 

Guitar players will also need the ability to play and comprehend scales that are useful for the popular tonalities in music. Those would of course be the tonal areas of, "Major and Minor." 

Lastly, players need to possess some of the foundational technical skills for actually playing a solo. Initially these can include; legato, bending, slides, and vibrato, just to name a few. Once guitarists have these three soloing areas under some decent control, they should be able to perform a basic lead guitar solo in a song. Enjoy the Lesson!

Play a Guitar Solo in 3 Easy Steps

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