Micro Lessons 245: "E Major" Fingerstyle Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 245"

This Micro Lesson covers the sounds of fingerstyle guitar with a plucked melodic folk finger-picked pattern from the key of "E Major." 

The part operates off of the I-IV-V of the key of, "E," and generates the melodic ideas across each measure using a picked pattern similar to "Travis Picking." 

In measure one we begin with an outline of the tonic chord of "E Major." This measure also includes a brief melody line that introduces the second measure's V-chord of "B" major. Here, the picked pattern continues with the addition of a double-stop phrase that brings in our IV-chord in measure three. 

The 3rd measure's "A Major" chord is partially plucked through before the line changes gears and introduces some upper-string melody that uses open strings in the mix. The wrap-up of this phrase brings in the V-chord of "B Major." 

Short and detached punches on the "B" chord along with a brief punch through a "Bsus4" (generated on the 3rd and 2nd strings), wraps up the line and allows the phrase to either loop, or possibly resolve on the tonic chord of "E Major." 

Have fun learning this part and use either a traditional "Right-hand" folk fingerstyle approach, or classical technique to play through the fingerstyle parts. Commit the phrase to memory and use a metronome to build the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lessons 245: "E Major" Fingerstyle Riff


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