Micro Lesson 255: "D Major" Triad Chord Progression

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 255"

This Micro Lesson breaks down a rapid-fire (stylistically generic) Triad Chord Progression in, "D Major." 

This progression places its entire focus upon the use of small three-note chord shapes based between the 4th through 2nd guitar strings. 

The riff is also very lateral moving along the neck, from 7th position into the open. Rhythmically the progression operates with the same movements along the span of the fingerboard. The meter is essentially a 2-bar phrase. 

The harmony of these triad chords applies a lot of inversion patterns, yet only plays through 3 chords from the key center. To the ear, this progression seems extremely busy. However, at the core, these changes are simply nothing more than a I,IV,V chord progression. This means that the chord changes operate within only the chords of, "D, G and A," major. 

The rapid changes that occur with these chords means that you'll not only need to memorize the chord patterns and their order, but you'll also need to commit the fret-board positions to memory so that each of your position shifts are smooth and easy to navigate. 

Take your time developing this riff, it can be a challenge to reach an up-to-tempo speed with the part. Have fun both learning and using what you develop from this progression!

Micro Lesson 255: "D Major" Triad Chord Progression