Micro Lesson 253: "A Minor" Arpeggiated Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 253"

This Micro Lesson works through an arpeggiated progression from the key of "A Minor." 

The overall generic flow of the lines in this progression come together to create an interesting sound that applies several chord outlines from the key but yet never actually uses the tonic chord itself through the arpeggiated harmony. 

In measure one the IV-chord of our key (Dm) gets outlined with an arpeggio built from its root of "D." The line ends upon the "D" octave and helps promote the appearance of our second measure where several double-stops introduce coverage of the chords, "C," "G," and "F major." 

These chords produce a more rapid harmony in the middle of the progression that generates punches along the progression and help to introduce the final measures of our arpeggiated idea. In measure three the "F6" chord appears and is fully arpeggiated with a leading line taking us into the last bar. In measure four our final harmony of "Em" is outlined and wraps up the chord changes. 

The progression is fairly easy to perform and does not include any complex chord voicings. Watch the areas that are labeled as, "let ring." There are moments when fingerings will need to be held across several beats. As always, use a metronome to get the progression up to speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 253: "A Minor" Arpeggiated Riff


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