Micro Lesson 249: "D Minor" Blues /Rock Pentatonic Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 249"

This Micro-Lesson works through a fun to play Minor Pentatonic Lick in the key of "D Minor." 

The lick applies a  lot of bends and hammer-on /pull-off concepts. Plus, it works across several areas of the fingerboard from the 6th position to the 10th. 

In the first measure, we begin from our 2nd string with a sustained 8th fret full-step bend. This tone is held while an 8th fret 1st string is blended along to it. Pull-offs are applied between "G and F" notes bringing in the second measure. 

In measure two, pull-offs and slides help propel the line up into a new position. Our third measure introduces the 10th position and heightens the peak of the line with a 13th fret 1st string bend which resolves into the tonic of our key, (the note of "D"). 

The entire line wraps in measure four with a full-step bend from a high, "C," note (up on the 2nd string 13th fret) bending into the tonic of "D." 

This lick works great for several styles of music. You'll find this type of lick idea performed in: Rock, Blues, Metal, Soul, Funk and Rhythm and Blues. Take your time when practicing the bends and make sure they match the correct tones of the note they are bending into. Remember, "Bending a note, to a wrong note, is still a wrong note." Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 249: "D Minor" Blues /Rock Pentatonic Lick


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