Micro Lesson 248: "D Major" 6th Interval Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 248"

This Micro Lesson explores the application of the 6th interval used within a melodic idea from the key of, "D Major." 

These 6th intervals are used along the guitars 2nd and 4th strings. Starting up at the 9th and 8th frets of these strings the initial idea of our, "6th Interval" phrase begins from a minor interval and drops down to a major. A quick 16th-note pick-up (single-note phrase), brings in our second measure. 

Here we apply two minor 6th intervals and move into measure three with another pick-up idea. In measure three our phrase applies a major 6th to a pair of minors and drops to another major where we sustain into measure four. This measure sets the stage for the completion of our riff and wraps up our line into the keys tonic chord. We achieve this by way of an interesting melodic idea that applies single-note scale ideas combined with open string notes. It's a great sound that really caters to the unique layout of the guitar. 

The final resolution is to a "D Power-Chord." Have fun learning these ideas and experiment performing these parts using flat-pick, hybrid picking and finger-style. Use a metronome to build your speed once the parts are committed to memory. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 248: "D Major" 6th Interval Riff


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