Micro Lesson 247: "C Major" Jazz Progression

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 247"

This Micro Lesson takes a look at a set of Jazz chord changes in the key of "C Major." 

The chord progression begins from the tonic chord of "C maj.7" and drops back a 1/2 step to a "Bm7." At first, this "Bm" chord may seem out of place in relationship to the key of "C Major." However, the appearance of this "Bm" is a modal one as it is a "Borrowed" chord. This "Bm" chord is "Borrowed" from the Harmony of the "C Lydian" mode. The mode of "C Lydian" is the 4th mode of the key of "G Major." The "Bm" is the 3rd chord from "G major" but in relation to the "C Lydian" mode, the "Bm7" operates as a VII-chord. 

The next measure is the start of one of the most common chord movements in Jazz Harmony, the "II - V" progression. The chords here are traveling through the II-chord of "C Major" (Dm7). As well as, the V-chord of the key (G Dominant 7th). From a performance perspective, these changes are played as finger-picked style. The interior note selections of each chord are performed in a very broken manner. 

In measure two, watch out for the Pentatonic scale run that brings in the third bars' chord of "Dm7." Our final chord from the world of "Dominant Family" is played with two versions, the 7th and the extended 13th. Have fun jamming the progression. If these chords are new for you, this progression should help put them into perspective. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 247: "C Major" Jazz Progression


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