Micro Lesson 243: "A Minor" Classic Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 243"

This Micro Lesson jams out on a Classic Rock guitar riff in the key of "A Minor." 

This riff is true to form when it comes to the types of sounds heard in the 1980's world of Hard-Rock, Classic-Rock and even Heavy Metal. 

The open "A" 5th string propels this riff setting the stage for several other chords to flow around the drone of the open 5th string. In measure one, the color of the "A Minor" harmony is pressed into the spot-light with our open "A" 5th-string wrapping around phrases of the "A Natural Minor Scale." 

The "G Power-chord" appears in measure two pulling back the "A Power-chord" yet again. "G Major" chord enters and enhances the arrival of a nice "A Minor" Pentatonic lick in measure three. 

The final measure applies a strong turnaround phrase by using the "C and G" Power-chords to wrap-up the line. This phrase of our fourth measure also allows for the looping of this idea if the part were to be used for either a Verse or Chorus section. 

Work slowly at memorizing your fingerings and turn on a metronome to develop the phrase up to tempo. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 243: "A Minor" Classic Rock Riff


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