TIME Magazine's: Most Absurd Music Video "Chick, Chick"

The song is called "Chick Chick" and features Chinese singer Rong "Rollin" Wang.

South Korean rapper Psy set the bar pretty high for totally absurd music videos with his 2012 “Gangnam Style.” It’s going to be really tough for anyone to beat that — but it looks like one singer in China is trying.

But anyway, this effort comes from Chinese pop star Rong “Rollin” Wang for the song “Chick Chick.” The video features women in odd bird costumes line dancing, many animated farm animals, and men wearing nothing but tiny white shorts, knee socks and animal masks. Also, a whole bunch of chicken sounds.

So far, the video has racked up 6 million views, so it has a long way to go until it matches “Gangnam Style” levels of world domination. But it certainly has the raw materials.

The 'Raw Materials' for YouTube Music Fame:
Computer generated music
  Annoying repetitive beat
  Annoying repetitive melody
✓  Goofy wardrobe
✓  Ludicrous lyrics
  Nonsensical visual direction
Off the wall main character (singer)
100% stupid /silly


  1. Out of the fact that i don't understand a hell of the lyrics, it's really absurd and stupid to do a video like this XD kindda funny xD but stupid.