Women find complex music sexy!

If music be the food of love… then you’d better ditch Daft Punk and dig out the jazz.

The more complex the music, the sexier women find it, according to a new study from the University of Sussex.

When asked to choose between composers of different types of music for a, "night of love," they plumped for the writer of a difficult piece over the one who produced a simple tune.

The research, published this week by the Royal Society journal, could account for why creative individuals are considered so desirable for sexual relationships!

Benjamin Charlton, the paper’s author, said:

Women may acquire genetic benefits for offspring by selecting musicians able to create more complex music as sexual partners.’

Dr Charlton’s study involved nearly 1,500 women, with an average age of 27.9 years, in the most fertile stage of their menstrual cycle.

They were asked to decide which of a selection of melodies was the most complex and the composer they’d prefer as a short-term sexual partner.

It turned out syncopated off-beat rhythms – typical of jazz – proved more of a turn-on than simple chords and melodies.

The findings back Charles Darwin’s theory that music’s primary function is sexual courtship, researchers added.


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