The Beat-Buddy is Now Available for Pre-Order...

If you've ever wanted a fully functional drum-machine in the compact size of a foot pedal, then your search is over!

The Power of a Drum Machine, the Simplicity of a Pedal...

Convenient: Plugs right in with your other pedals to play a drum beat through your amp or PA. 
Hands-free control
  • Insert fills
  • Transition from verse to chorus
  • Add accent hits (e.g. cymbal crashes or hand claps)
  • Pause/unpause beats with second footswitch, while song is playing
  • Advance to next song with second footswitch, when no song is playing
Professional-grade sound
  • Meticulously sampled drums at full dynamic range
  • Advanced algorithms generate realistic natural beats

1.8" Color LCD display 

Pre-loaded with:
  • 10 unique drum sets
  • 200+ songs (verse/chorus beat progressions) in a wide range of musical styles
  • Computer software to load your own beats and drum sets

Adjust tempo with:
  • A turn of a knob
  • Tap tempo with a button or footswitch
MIDI Sync: Integrate with MIDI based loopers and effects in your rig.

Headphones Jack: For jamming without disturbing the neighbours!

Full stereo sound 

Beautiful strong construction made from anodized aluminum.

Built for tough live performance environments.

Connects with standard mini USB cable.

Expand memory with standard SD card.

Completely customizable with included computer interface software:
  • Load your own beats and drum sets
  • Uses standard MIDI and WAV files
  • Add additional song parts (verse, chorus, bridge, fills etc.)

New beats and drum sets to be available for download on regular basis.  We will be producing both free and premium content packages
User Forum on our site will allow all BeatBuddies to share their beats and drum sets!  The BeatBuddy is not just a pedal -- it's a platform.

1. Press pedal to start beat
2. Press again to add a fill. Different fills are played each time to create a live drummer sound
3. Hold pedal down to begin transition beat
4. Release pedal to end transition and go to next song part (e.g. verse to chorus)
5. Use footswitch (mono) to add accent hits. Accent hits are customized to the song part (e.g. hand claps for verse, cymbal crashes for chorus)
6. Use second footswitch (stereo) to pause/unpause beat.
7. Press pedal twice to stop beat with ending fill.



  1. Great idea, I just wish it was made by a company that I trust like BOSS or TC Electronics... I won't be ordering this anytime soon, if it actually makes it into the market I'd consider it - if the price was right..... in about 2 years or more.