Letters to Andrew: "Finding Stability in the Music Business"

Message: Andrew Wasson! First, I love your youtube channel and your lessons are inspiring, informative, and simply awesome!

My name is Trevor, I've been playing guitar for about a decade and have got myself into quite a predicament.I play with Three and a half groups right now 3 gig, one is still a project and work 30-40 hours a week at a restaurant.

I want music to be my main source of income and hope to make it a lifelong career. With that being said, I still have to work at the restaurant to pay the bills and find myself being less than completely dedicated to my true craft.

So, This is my problem How can I find students quick, become an awesome teacher, and find financial stability for myself in the Music Business. Its probably the holy grail of all questions, but I have been reading your page and feel that you might be able to provide some tips and tricks on the matter.

Always Shedding,
Trevor - Charlottesville, VA. USA

Answer: Hello Trevor, Thanks for your email. Unfortunately gaining a footing (in most any industry) takes quite awhile. Take my YouTube channel for instance... I started making videos in 2008, and its really only this year that its 'sort-of' starting to pay back. That's over 400 videos later and hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work. So, that's 7 years.

On the other-side, (my in-studio work) was something that started for me in 1987. I took a break for a few years and went to California to attend Musicians Institute. Then, I kicked back into it again in 1992. It took about 3 years to get myself established....

But, over the last 14 years, the world's economy has been in total decline. It seems that the rich are getting fabulously richer and the middle-class is disappearing! This is causing a terrible situation upon the working musician, since we are, and we depend largely, upon the middle-class.

So, I wish I had a good reply for you, but really the best advice I can suggest is to be the best player you can be. And, do your best to make a solid name for yourself. Be polite, kind, and try to always put forward a great attitude. People will always have good things to say about you, and you'll be called back a lot more.

Shoot for money goals that are realistic as well. saying that you want to make $10,000 a month by Jan. 2015, might be a little crazy. So, be realistic. And, track your progress with a 'year at a glance' calendar. Write a lot down too, (on paper with a pencil).

On a final note, keep yourself as healthy as possible. Its really hard to play gigs if your sick all the time. Make health a massive priority in your life. Musicians don't get sick days, paid vacation or have any health plans! Being sick is one of the worst things we might encounter.

One last thing. This business feeds on a lot of peoples negative side. So, never be concerned with what anyone else is doing. Not others success, nor their failures. Just focus on what your plans and dreams are. The dreams /goals you have will cross-over with others, but will never become anyone else's for the long-term. I hope this helps you. All the very best and thanks again for being a viewer and web-site supporter of mine. Take care and much success.

Andrew Wasson
Creative Guitar Studio