How to Practice Chords...

On Friday March 7, 2014 I will be posting a new lesson on my main YouTube channel covering, "How to Practice Chords."

This will be a comprehensive video lesson covering everything from guitar set-up, to practice progressions.

In order to get the most out of tomorrows lesson, I highly suggest reviewing a few of my older lessons which are important to understand prior to watching the, "How to Practice Chords," lesson.

The are several ideas that will be (of course) included in tomorrows video. However, to keep the video length manageable, I will be forced to skim the surface on a few important principles.

The following lesson tutorials are recommended viewing prior to tomorrows lesson:

Analyzing 11th and 13th Chord Extensions
Harmonized Moveable Chord Shapes - Part 1
Harmonized Moveable Chord Shapes - Part 2

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the Friday March 7, 2014 lesson!


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