Daydreaming 'about music careers'

Courtesy of the Belfast Telegraph - March 04, 2014 

More than a third of UK employees daydream about a career in the music industry while sitting at their desks, according to new research.

Nearly half of the 2,000 people surveyed dream about performing on stage, being a roadie, writing hit songs, or talent spotting the next big pop star...

The research, (commissioned by music education group BIMM), found that 28 per-cent of women have fleeting thoughts of having a musical career, while most people voted the iconic rock group Queen as the band they would most like to perform with on stage, (with Freddie Mercury being a bigger draw than The Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and The Rolling Stones combined).

Rather than fame being the reason for pursuing a career in the music industry, 43 per-cent of people surveyed said that they simply wanted to follow their passion. While 21 per-cent said they did not see music as a proper job, 13 per-cent lacked access to relevant careers advice and seven per-cent said they had been put off any kind of music career by a careers adviser.

Only, 23 per-cent of men said they would pursue a job in the music industry now if they had the opportunity to start their careers all over again.

Vaseema Hamilton, BIMM principal, said: "At BIMM, we want to encourage people to believe in themselves and to believe that their creative and vocational dreams of working in the music industry don't need to remain unfulfilled."

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