VIDEO: Pentatonic-Chromatic Cascade by "Gus G"

Guitar World has re-posted one of their older (from 2011) , "Today's licks" video lessons - courtesy of Firewind /Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G, (who demonstrates the slick lateral metal lick featuring a cascading chromatic decent).

It's a pretty cool pentatonic lick that's fairly straight-forward to perform and should offer up some Monday Guitar Fun! Enjoy...

Gus' explanation of the Lick:
"This metal lick starts with a basic minor-pentatonic pull-off run on the high E and B strings (tuned down to D and A, respectively, since we're in standard tuning down one whole step)."

"When I get to the third beat of bar 1, I begin a cascading chromatic descent, wherein I slide my fret-hand index finger down the B string one fret at a time, with my ring finger simply following along on the G string, two or three frets up."

"For maximum metal effect, I like to play the last note of the lick as a pinch harmonic, to which I apply a wide finger vibrato."

The tempo is 158 beats per minute, 120 for slow practice.


  1. Just learned it Andrew!! Darn easy lick too, although I have no clue when I'd ever use something like this... ha ha ha... Thanks for posting.