VIDEO: Peavey's all new ValveKing Amplifier Series...

Peavey’s ValveKing series of amplifers have always been the budget all tube amps that many beginners move to after their first practice amp. With the advances in technology packed into rival budget amps over recent years the ValveKing series has probably lost out a little so Peavey have totally redesigned the range and announced a 100 watt and 20 watt head and a 50 watt and 20 watt combo all with power scaling.

The flagship of the range is the ValveKing 100W Head which can be paired with a ValveKing® 412 Slant or Straight cab. Here are the main features:

  • Four 6L6GC and three 12AX7 tubes
  • Reverb with level control
  • Buffered effects loop
  • Resonance & Presence controls
  • Footswitchable gain/volume boost on lead channel
  • Patented Microphone Simulated Direct Interface (MSDI™) output with ground lift and speaker defeat switch
  • 100w, 25w & 5w power switch
  • TSI™ tube monitoring with LED pass/fail indicator lights
  • 2 footswitch inputs. One controls Channel & Boost. One controls Reverb & Effects loop
  • Separate EQ for each channel
  • USB direct recording output
  • Two independent footswitchable channels
  • Bright switch on Clean channel
  • Vari-Class™ variable Class A simulation control

That’s a pretty hefty feature list! The switchable power control will appeal to many players allowing you to use the 100w head at gigs and at home in 5w mode. The TSI™ tube monitoring is a useful feature to let you know how the tubes are performing. The Vari-Class™ variable Class A simulation control adjusts the amp’s response characteristics from modern Class A/B push-pull to vintage Class A, or any tone between the two. Oh and it has a direct USB out for recording which I’m sure many will find extremely useful.

The Peavey Valveking Micro-head or VK 20MH is a 20 Watt version of the head that utilises two EL84 and three 12AX7 tubes and a Patented Microphone Simulated Direct Interface (MSDI™) with ground lift and speaker defeat which is an XLR out from the amp allowing you to plug directly into a mixing desk at gigs. This amp also has a power output switch where you can select 20w, 5w or 1w.

Finally there are also combo versions available in 50 watts as above and 20 watts as below. The only difference being that the 100 watt head has been scaled down to 50 watts.