The New TARAS VP-1 for 'Outward' Bends!?

If there is one thing that is certain it is the conservative nature of guitar players in regard to the traditional design of the instrument. For example look at Teuffel guitars, they have been producing some of the most unique guitar designs I’ve seen for years but have they become commonplace? Maybe that is because of the price of these odd looking instruments or maybe it is because people would rather spend $3 – 4,000 on a guitar shape that was designed in the 1950′s? The only guitar that is crossing the boundary somewhat is the Strandberg Boden which has become incredibly popular with the metal guitar crowd. But even then it is just a headless design neck and a unique body style.

So the new Taras VP-1 takes the oddities of Teuffel body designs, the headless neck for a compact size and matches it with a somewhat bizarre idea of a fretboard that is shaped so that you can bend outwards on the top and bottom strings…(??).

From the Taras Press Release:
"This innovative new instrument challenges the forward-thinking player to explore and create new music using an expanded range of “outward” string bend techniques that are physically impossible to execute on a traditional straight-necked guitar."

When I first looked over this design, I immediately thought, what is the point? After a serious look at it I found it difficult what someone might do with this guitar that was previously thought of as (as their press release states) impossible?

I’m sorry but I’m really struggling to see what the benefits are of this fretboard design... all I can see is the negative impact of the wider fretboard messing up my fingering positions and thumb over the neck style of playing?

It’s basically turning a 6 string fretboard into an 8 string size fretboard without the extra strings…

I’m sorry I just don’t get it, maybe you have to think about this as not a guitar - or something?

Please let me know your thoughts on this design...

from Taras Kovaliv on Vimeo.


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