Map Shows USA's Most Popular Musicians by State!

The Echo Nest is one of the myriad "behind-the-scenes" technology companies that power the operations we know by more familiar names such as; Spotify, Beats Music, or Pandora.

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According to the Massachusetts-based group's blog, it has data on more than 35 million songs by roughly 2.7 million artists, which it uses to help drive 432 apps and services. You may have seen a map from the Echo Nest going around that breaks down music fans' preferences for each of the 50-nifty United States. For the record, it doesn't show each state's "favorite" artist, no matter what you might've read, (hat-tip to Tom Ewing for the statsplaining — more here). It shows the most "distinctive" artist for each state — in other words, the artists that are most popular in a given state versus the other states.

It's a little confusing to us lay-stat-people, but specifically that seems to mean the artists that rank the highest in a certain state's "top 100 most popular acts" but fall the furthest elsewhere.

As an example, the Echo Nest's Paul Lamere points out that the Christian rock group Hillsong United is hugely popular in Tennessee, but not at at all in New England. Still, according to the map above, Hillsong United are actually state-iest in South Carolina (the Volunteer State goes with its own Juicy J). That's the mystical power of music, man.

Another caveat: The map only shows, as Lumere puts it, "the top most distinctive popular artist for a state that hasn't already been selected for a more populous state." In other words, the map might suggest a bit more difference between the states than actually exist.

There are no red states and blue states, only the United States!

There's also an app you can use to play with the numbers yourself.


  1. California's favorite musical artist is Bonobo???? Why, would anyone like nonsense music like that? Wow, I'm seriously speechless.

    1. Bonobo is just mindless "Trendy" world-beat crap, that the typical Californian Liberal Yuppie crowd would love. People with a real taste in music don't listen to junk like that... just your average trendy type.

    2. So your saying The Dead, CSN, The Doors, 95% of the 80's bands and so on... that started in Cal are not on the list... I never herd Bonobo before, who the $%# are they...?

    3. They're a weird instrumental band that trendy mall-zombie losers listen to, (no guitar dude) and dead-ass boring crud to boot! Basically, they suck.