91-Year-Old Produces Metal Christmas Single!

Legendary actor Christopher Lee has officially unleashed his metal Christmas single titled "A Heavy Metal Christmas Too."

The 91-year-old star of such classic features as "The Lord of the Rings," "Star Wars," "Dracula," "The Wicker Man" and "The Hobbit" is well-known for his affection of metal, so the guitar-heavy Christmas was the most logical way to go.

The single itself features a "Jingle Bells" metal rendition titled "Jingle Hell," along with a Frank Sinatra cover "My Way." You can check out audio samples or purchase the single here.

"I sing another version, it's a bit more naughty," Lee said about the first track. "It's not bad, I mean bad in the sense of unpleasant. It's entertaining, it's certainly different." Discussing the Sinatra cover, the actor added: "I was 84 years old when I sang it and my voice was higher than it is now."

Back in late May, Lee became the oldest metal performer history after releasing "Charlemagne: the Omens of Death" album on his 91st birthday. Make sure to check out the clip below for more details.


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