Fender rolls out the Vaporizer!

Fender rolls out the Vaporizer
New retro-styled 12-watter for 2014

After a hugely positive response to their limited-run roll out (back in early 2013), of the  Excelsior, Fender has announced a 2014 production run of their newest line of retro 12 watt amplifiers, the Vaporizer!

Revealed ahead of NAMM 2014 (January 23–26, in Anaheim, California USA), the Vaporizer is a retro-styled, all-valve, single channel amplifier with an eye-catching 'Atom age' design.

- 2 x 10" {16-Ohm} special design Vaporizer Speaker
- two instrument inputs
- a 1/4" speaker output
- a tidy 17" in overall height
- stripped down controls (similar to the Excelsior)
- built-in reverb
- Fender's special, 'Vaporizer Mode', (which bypasses volume and tone controls for 'unfettered access to the raw tube amp'. circuit).

The 2014 production run will be available in both Slate Blue, Surf Green, and Rocket Red, with a retail list-price of just $399 US. [$430. CND / £245. GBP].

This will likely be just the tip of the, "retro-style, boutique-y," iceberg at the Jan. 2014 NAMM this year. Retro styling is seriously big-time popular right now, and you can certainly expect to see plenty more of this sort of thing at the Anaheim, CA. show in just a few short weeks.

For more information on the Vaporizer, visit Amazon's sales page.

Detailed Specs:


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