Women attracted to men with guitars?

Many believe that women fall for men who have a stable job, but a new survey reveals that they find guys who can play a guitar more attractive.

Apparently, men who play a guitar have an instant appeal about them for women, which was considered more important than salary, jobs and interesting hobbies!

Online dating site Lovestruck.com conducted the study. As high as 62 percent of Lovestruck members found that a man who plays a guitar is far more attractive than those who have no musical aptitude.

Around 46 percent of people surveyed said that a guitar player might be thoughtful, soulful and creative, which were qualities they ranked highly in a relationship.

As much as 37 percent assumed it would be romantic to be serenaded by a man with a musical flair and 39 percent said that if the man could play the guitar, they would be more forgiving if the guy was not that good looking!

"I regularly coach men to improve their skills in approaching women; and hands down a man who is passionate about something in his life, apart from getting a girlfriend, is immediately more attractive,” said dating expert Hayley Quinn.

As for guitars - think what it communicates. Thanks to everyone from Mick Jagger to John Mayer (singers who also play the string instrument), guitars still symbolise a man who is sensual, creative and who other women are attracted to,” she added.

So, France, Israel, Hoboken or Bumpass, Virginia — it doesn't matter where the guitarist is from. The point is, male guitarists are generally viewed as promising mating material (as if we didn't all know that already)!

Another French study, which was conducted by researchers at the Universite de Bretagne-Sud (University of South Brittany) and published in Psychology of Music, was centered around a 20-year-old man “previously evaluated as having a high level of physical attractiveness.”

One day, this fellow approached 300 women ranging in age from 18 to about 22. He said hello and added, “I think you’re really pretty” (which sounds very nice in French) and asked for their phone numbers. During a third of the encounters, he was carrying a guitar case. For another third, he was holding a sports bag. For the last third, he wasn't holding anything.

When he was carrying the guitar case, 31 percent of the ladies gave him their phone number. Only 14 percent gave him their number when he was empty-handed, and that figure dropped to an unhealthy 9 percent when he was holding the sports bag.

In an Israeli study, which was published in Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science, 100 single female students at two universities received a Facebook profile of a single guy accompanied by a "friend" request and the words, “Hey, what’s up? I like your photo.”

Half of the women saw a photo of the man playing a guitar. The other half saw a photo of the man looking like a "regular" person, as in, devoid of a guitar.

“While five of the 50 women responded positively to the friendship request that was sent by the profile without a guitar, 14 of the 50 women (28 percent) responded positively to the friendship request that was sent by the profile with the guitar,” wrote the research team.

Once again, the guitarist got more chicks!

Bottom line, grab your guitar case and your little black book and hit the streets of Paris! Or Bumpass, Virginia!

Or, in the words of the French study: "This experiment tested the assumption that music plays a role in sexual selection. Results showed that holding a guitar case was associated with greater compliance to the request, thus suggesting that musical practice is associated with sexual selection." Of course, you can just walk around with a guitar case and be a phoney, or you can actually take guitar lessons or buy a quality instruction book. I'd highly suggest the Creative Guitar Studio YouTube Channel.


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